Case Studies

We, don’t just build Web — we develop customer-focused, Tech-powered digital experiences that get results.

Nimbus Learning – Service provider for find or become a tutor.

The new Nimbus Learning website was built through custom blocks built in elementor. Flex used elementor to build the custom blocks from scratch for easy editing of site content and blog posts.

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Pinfliers – Traditional Offline Business Built a Reliable Online Sales Channel

A powerful e-commerce site using shopify, with fast performance, enhanced Online Shopping, and easy-to-understand enhanced product customization features was delivered by Flex Solutions.

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X Workstations – E-commerce Website for an refurbished Store

We developed customized e-commerce website for a leading refurbished laptops seller that helped him get better search engine rankings and increased online sales.

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First Grocery – Subscription Based Grocery On-Demand Delivery Website.

We developed end to end subscription based grocery ecommerce for customer. Admin dashboard customised to handle delivery and subscription for customer with notifications.

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